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2017 March 19 Results

Race report from Andy Hunt.

Briefly, the weather improved as the day went on. It started out a little cloudy and then cleared up and was nice and sunny. The wind was from the east for most of the day but started to die at around 3:00 PM and became a westerly late in the day. The wind was around 5 – 8 knots and everyone used their Standard sails. Tony Martin, Bob Ennenberg, Peter Woytkowiak, Jacek Suski, Tim Murphy and Jorge L Yanez were the sailors who showed up to race. Three races were run before the RC sent the Lasers back to Jericho as the wind started to fade.


Skipper Class Sail # Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Net Points
Tony Martin Laser 203658 2 4 1 7
Bob Ennenberg Laser 194474 3 2 4 9
Jacek Suski Laser 199919 DNC (7) 1 3 11
Peter Woytkowiak Laser 198045 DNC (7) 3 2 12
Tim Murphy Laser 206057 1 DNF (7) DNC (7) 15
Jorge L Yanez Laser 208070 DNF (7) DNC (7) DNC (7) 21


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